Our Approach


Our firm believes that our audit (and other engagements) performance should be providing value to our clients by concentrating on information flow that will ultimately assist them in improving their performances as well as expanding their scope of operation rather than just getting a set of audited final accounts.

Any meaningful assignments we perform are dependent upon the following features:

  1. Understanding our clients’ organization, underlying risks and the legislation and regulations under which the business operates.
  2. Understanding the client’s organizational structure, procedures, policies and information system controls under which it operates.
  3. Ensuring that senior experts and resources are available to carryoutthe assignments satisfactorily.
  4. Adhering to our firm’s quality control standards.

Our audits are carried out as stipulated in the firm’s Audit Procedure Manual which is molded on International Standards on Auditing (ISA). Principally our audit assignments are approached in a risk-based attitude with a focus on getting an understanding of the scope of the job as well as developing an audit strategy to achieve the audit assignment objectives.

Mhasibu Consultants strives in offering effective quality control services to its clients. Independent reviews ensure that staff are adhering to professional standards set by National Board of Accountants and Auditors and other regulatory bodies. In conjunction to external auditing, Mhasibu Consultants is capable of conducting internal audits as outsourcing services. Through outsourced internal audit services, our clients are provided with assurance that the right systems and controls are in place so to safeguard their assets; finances are properly used in compliance with rules and regulations.

A senior staff/partner is involved in each audit assignment. Usually our audit teams develop the audit plan in consultation with our clients. This enables us achieve the greatest value by concentrating on specific needs and relying on the understanding of the business.