Audit Services

We offer engagements to examine our client’s financial statements and to evaluate the fairness of presentation of the statements on conformity with international financial reporting standards/international public sector accounting standards.
Our examination is conducted in accordance with internationally accepted auditing standards, which include a review of the system of internal control and tests of transactions to the extent we believe necessary.


Tax Services

We offer tax services in various areas like preparation of provisional and final returns, prepare VAT returns, attend tax queries on behalf of the client, file tax objections, prepare tax appeals, withholding taxes, payroll tax etc.

Management Consulting Services

This includes but not limited to:-

  • A full range of management consulting services is offered to business, industry and governmental bodies including:
  • Design and implementation of administrative, financial and accounting structures.
  • Administrative management studies, surveys procedures, evaluation of efficiency and performance of personnel, sections and departments within the enterprise.
  • Design and implementation of management and job organizational charts.
  • Design of job description for personnel at all levels.

Financial Consultancy Services

Wide range of investment appraisals and investigative assignments are offered. These assignments include:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies.
  • Share & business valuations, cash flow charts, projections and budgetary services.
  • Marketing consultations and studies.
  • Industrial consultations and studies.
  • Due Diligence
  • Liquidation, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions.

Risk Management

The firm provides detailed risk management based on sector and other social economic factors. It advices how to reduce risk associated with future business operations/functions. The consultants predict for risks and put in place the right control to cover the organization through the period of changes. Mhasibu has developed risk kit for each sector based assessment of facts and figures.

Accounting System Design

The firm provides services of designing Accounting Systems by setting up cost accounting and Financial Accounting Systems for effective management of the organization including the aspects of management of receivables and payables. Using broad based Database Management System platform, Mhasibu usually design and recommend the major appropriate system to apply.

Review, Designing of Financial Regulations and Accounting Manuals

Mhasibu can Design and recommend the most appropriate financial management systems to apply.

In addition to the above the firm performs review of organization’s regulations and manuals. We give advises on the best practices and facilitation of the implementation of the above named documents including provision of appropriate training to our clients. We team up with other professionals to form, design, install and implementing the system and providing back up services.

Our services cut across different local and international clients such as:-

  1. Commercial, Manufacturing entities and Assembly Firms
  2. Banking and Insurance Institutions
  3. Utilities Institutions
  4. Construction Industry
  5. NGO’s and Charitable Institutions
  6. Educational and Public Services Institution
  7. Partnership and Sole Proprietor
  8. Local Government Authorities
  9. Agriculture and mining entities